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Caribbean Database Of Documentary Heritage

Caribbean Database Of Documentary Heritage

The Record Book of the Court of St. Ann accommodates the voices of the enslaved people. However, the recorders weren’t the enslaved people and as such, bias and misunderstanding crops up within the Record Book. Persons interested in the study of subaltern voices will discover the Record Book of the Court of St. Ann a rare treasure. The Record Book of the Court of St. Ann, Jamaica consists of court docket transcripts and affidavits.

The bulk of his unpublished material has been preserved within the Roger Mais Collection on the University of the West Indies Library Mona. This Collection perpetuates the true legacy of Roger Mais as it’s by way of his revealed and unpublished material, and his correspondence that prospective researchers are capable of access his philosophy and political agenda. It is thru the material lodged within the Collection that his improvement as a author may be assessed. These documents are basically a return or listing www.myglobalmatch.com of the quantity, class and conciliation of slaves held by every slave proprietor made in accordance with “An Act for a extra specific return of slaves in the island and the enrolment thereof”. This law was passed on the eleven December 1816 to start its operation from 28 June, 1817. This was not particular to Jamaica, as the British colonies in the Caribbean have been required to register their enslaved folks beneath this law.

The Nineteenth Century Newspaper Assortment

Persons fascinated within the study of the archaic hand will discover this manuscript invaluable. The History of Jamaica Under Lord Vaughan offers with issues surrounding the governors of Jamaica, individuals influential in its improvement. It was under their patronage that many policies and regulations were formulated.

, Caribbean Database Of Documentary Heritage

From the transient biography given of Nuttall, one can see that his influence on Jamaican society was certainly super. The Nuttall Collection is recorded on site on the National Library within the card catalogue. Inclusive within the Collection is also MS 1799, which is the funeral arrangement of Rev. Nuttall. The Collection is due for cataloguing as soon as assets are available. In addition, the fabric itself is very and inadequately labelled, thereby making it hard to use.

Roger Mais Collection

In the era by which Mais wrote, the Rastafarian was a “feared despised and rejected group” . According to an inventory compiled at the Island secretary’s workplace in 1869 there have been a hundred and forty volumes of slave returns but the number given in Bell and Parker’s “Guide to West Indians Archive Materials” is the present certainly one of 141. The Record Book of the Court of St. Ann contains one fairly intact.

  • Documents similar to these are invaluable sources of the examine of slavery in the Caribbean and more specifically, Jamaican context.

The collection consists of books, magazines, periodicals, prints, images that are being organized and with gadgets being placed in acid free folders. The political developments were mirrored by the beginnings of the movement to create an indigenous art as well as literary tradition. Mais’s contributions to the Public Opinion of which he was editor, recorded the political features of the nationalist motion. These returns which are specific to Jamaica are important in that they normally embody the precise location by parish and estate to which enslaved persons belonged. Therefore one is prepared to get a picture of the trends of slave possession by parish and estate in Jamaica.

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